Majority Villain
#22 - Turkey Days & Terror Ways

Happy Thanksgiving to our fellow villains. 


Our hearts go out to all those affected by the attacks in Paris, Beirut, Turkey, and Mali.  What has occurred is awful.  But, you wouldn’t put a fire out with gasoline.  You wouldn’t teach your child that hitting is wrong by using a swift backhand.  Today, a light, but fruitful discussion about the value of appropriate response in the face of tragedy.  Ironically, we release this episode on Thanksgiving, the same day we Americans celebrate our own status as refugees.







Today’s show was written by Greg Haddock and Graham Rue, and produced by Greg Haddock with help from Andrea Schmidt.

Music Today provided by Evil Bear Boris, Indian Wells and The F****d Up Beat through Creative Commons licensing via


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I'm Racist.  But aren't we all a little bit?  To find out how much, Graham and I have taken the test at and have posted our results here.  Music by Evil Bear Boris, Blue Dot Sessions, and Buildings.  #Blacklivesmatter #I'mracist @Racismtest

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