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#BernieOrBust - If Bernie gets burned by the Democrats, is it time to “Bust”?  Can a 3rd party change the corporate tide of American politics?

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Graham and I talk about Bernie or bust from two different angles.  Graham defends the Democratic party saying it is safer than the Republican party with Donald Trump at the helm.  I disagree saying that despite a rigged election Hillary Clinton is at least as dangerous as the alternative.

I say if we can’t have Bernie then it’s time to bust out and vote Green in 2016.  Graham doesn’t like Clinton, but claims a Democrat remains a safer choice.  What do you think?  If Bernie gets robbed is it time to BUST?

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We are the majority.  We are villains.  And status quos are for suckers.

Music provided today by Dana Doss, Evil Bear Boris and Waylon Thornton.

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