Majority Villain
#11 - Vote Oktoberfest

Remember, rembember the 4th of November!!!!

Tuesday, November 4th!  Get out and vote!  Here I lay down more and more examples about how Republicans and Democrats are both bad examples for politics, and TV media doesn't make anything easier.  Happy Columbus Day to no one, and I present you audio from my visit to OKTOBERFEST in MUNICH!

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Majority Villain #10

Review of the WORLD'S LARGEST CLIMATE MARCH EVERRRRR!!!!!  Following the News You May Have Missed (which discusses further the absurdity of the United States military operations in Iraq and Syria),  I lay out all the beauitful things that happened around the world in beautiful, devoted affection to our beloved Mother Nature.  Clips from Leonard DiCaprio at the UN Summit in NYC, John Oliver on Last Week Tonight, and Niel DeGrasse Tyson with the founder of the X Prize discussing the need to and benefits of investing in a GREEN innovation.

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