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MV with Dr. Richard Wolff

This is my interview with Dr. Richard Wolff.  He is the author of many books, but the one that grabbed my attention is Democracy at Work and it is dedicated to the idea that the workers should direct, own, and manage their own companies.  It's an interview you don't want to miss!

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MajorityVillain Ep5

What is it like to live in a country when they win the World Cup?  Needless to say, it's pretty crazy.  But if you've ever wondered what it sounds like win you win one, you may want to listen in... Also, a discussion about Israel and Palestine, and how Hamas aside, the history of Palestine has effected the current situation.

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Why America kicks ass!

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So much media attention recently is being put on reasons why we need to go back into Iraq.  Not enough dialogue is being spent discussing why this was such a disaster to begin with, and who actually stands to gain from going back?  Also, Megyn Kelly tells Dick Cheney he was wrong, and Glenn Beck almost apologizes.

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This show offers "App of the Week", "News You May Have Missed", and a review of the 1 year anniversary of NSA Whistleblower, Edward Snowden.  Then a brief discussion on the middle ground between Capitalism and Communism and the joys of propaganda.

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On this show I talk about the current issues of the Veteran's Association (VA).  I also discuss cable giants Comcast and AT&T, their buyout proposals, and how it's tied to Net Neutrality.  We also take a few moments to see exactly what late comedian George Carlin thinks about American politics.  Later in the show, there is an extended interview with Dagmar Ulrig of Die Linke in Germany.

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Majority Villain Ep.1

In this show I discuss what is wrong with democracy and what we should do to fix it.  I explain why there is too much money in politics, and how we have 4 amendments to the constitution specifically on voting for a reason.  Further, I explain why the 1% has been so unhealthy for our society, and how Republicans and Democrats are both to blame for our current situation.

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