Majority Villain

Donald Trump announces his presidency, and then we make fun of him.  Who is "we", you ask?  I present my new co-host Graham Rue @instagraham with a welcome gift as he describes his distaste for U.S. politics and his forbidden love with common sense as he prophesies the 2016 presidential election of Independent VT Senator Bernie Sanders.  Music provided by the Free Music Archive ( under Creative Commons.  Today's music by Evil Bear Boris and Shopping. 

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#18 - MV Turns One Year

(Orig. aired 11/2014)  Timeless and relevant discussion about the undying need to empathize with other's positions as I share my story of living in Germany.  Aaaand how worthless congress is which is unfortunately also timeless.
Music by Evil Bear Boris and Shopping. Clips by Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Written and produced by Greg Haddock.  And special thanks to Jay! and the team #BotL @BestoftheLeft and MV's recent feature on the show.  Thanks!

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#17 - Sell the Home Less

First and foremost - a very special thanks to graphic designer Brett Bolin for the brand new logo!
Today's show focuses on Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, Iran, and the darker details of America's housing market.
Clips and music today by Paul Piff at UC Berkley, Shopping, Evil Bear Boris, Wreck & Reference, Post Materialists, Graham Rue and Juan Gonzales of Democracy Now!

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#16 - The Internet, Man

After MILLIONS OF COMMENTS from people like you, chairman Tom Wheeler of the FCC announces that internet providers will NOT be able to provide "fast lanes" to premium customers at the cost of "slow lanes" to everyone else.  As we enjoy this major MV victory, it's time to reflect on the beauty of the interwebs.

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This is the full interview of the show released on February 6th, 2015.  For an edited and slightly shorter version refer back to that episode.

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#15 - Represent.Us Interview with Mansur Gidfar

Mansur Gidfar of Represent.Us tells us all about how money is corrupting our political process in the good ole USofA and what we can do about it.  He comes from a group with some serious street cred, a plan, and a running start.  You don't want to miss this, unless of course you hate democracy and freedom in equal measure.

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#14 - Reflections

Reflections: A Tribute to George Douthit III

From Michael Brown and Eric Garner to Boko Haram and Charlie Hebdo - a lot has happened in the last month.  But what makes it really ugly is the way people have chosen sides in some of these events.

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#13 - Deutsch In Deutschland

What is it like learning German in Germany?  Deutch in Deutschland?  It's fun, it's challenging - ah who am I kidding it's hell sometimes.  Today I share my feelings about what it's like to learn a foreign languange in a foreign land.  You might be surprised how relevant it is to life right at home. 
Also, what the shit is going on with the KeystoneXL pipeline and Immigration reform?

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Mo' money, mo' problems?  Not if you're the monopoly guy, and your hobby is spending millions on elections!
So you voted this week and - well, actually statistically you probably didn't vote... but the good news is Obama wasn't re-elected and the terrorist splinter cell E.B.O.L.A. didn't get us in our PJs, thank god.

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#11 - Vote Oktoberfest

Remember, rembember the 4th of November!!!!

Tuesday, November 4th!  Get out and vote!  Here I lay down more and more examples about how Republicans and Democrats are both bad examples for politics, and TV media doesn't make anything easier.  Happy Columbus Day to no one, and I present you audio from my visit to OKTOBERFEST in MUNICH!

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Majority Villain #10

Review of the WORLD'S LARGEST CLIMATE MARCH EVERRRRR!!!!!  Following the News You May Have Missed (which discusses further the absurdity of the United States military operations in Iraq and Syria),  I lay out all the beauitful things that happened around the world in beautiful, devoted affection to our beloved Mother Nature.  Clips from Leonard DiCaprio at the UN Summit in NYC, John Oliver on Last Week Tonight, and Niel DeGrasse Tyson with the founder of the X Prize discussing the need to and benefits of investing in a GREEN innovation.

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#10 - What the Crap, Barry?

Insecurity doesn't look good on anybody, but a whole nation?  Now that's something we could all do without.  This episode lays out very clearly how the ISIS problem is related to the Russia-Ukraine problem, and how the USA government is instigating it all.  --Oh!  And I make fun of Democrats!

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The U.S.A., Allies & Shmallies

What makes a country sexy to the U.S.A.? Is it Benjamin Netanyahu's commanding voice?  What about Margaret Thatcher's mysterious gaze?  Blatant racism?  Tough calls!  Hell, maybe it's about money!  This show jumps into the story between Palestine and Israel, ISIS, and the unsolicited late night phone calls from the United States.

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Majority Villain Ep. 7

No, no, no - that's not possible!  We can't all be idiots.  No, only they're idiots.. but they think we're idiots.  Well, they're bigger idiots for thinking we're idiots -- STOP.  Maybe we should start looking at this a little differently... Seems like being a Republican hasn't worked out all that well, and being a Democrat hasn't done a lot of justice lately either.  On this show, I begin the tough task of dissecting the barriers between the 2 parties, in our messy 2-party politics.

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Majority Villain Ep. 6

Richard Wolff explains some of the finer details of his big break-out book, Democracy at Work - an idea that workers have been getting the shaft a little too long, and that maybe now is the time they start running the place for themselves.  "News You May Have Missed" and more!

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