Majority Villain

As the 2016 presidential election comes to a close there remains at least one thing most Americans can agree on — we are glad it is almost over.

(Featured photo courtesy of Ted Eytan on Flickr)

Their candid antithesis makes most think they are deeply opposed candidates, but in the end they may not be as different as you think. Just reflect on what they haven’t discussed in the debate! Aside from a handful of minutes about climate change, nothing about Afghanistan, not one critique of Israel’s settlements in Palestine, Standing Rock and #NoDAPL, Yemen, Black Lives Matter, police violence, or economic inequality? Crickets.
That’s because the Commission on Presidential Debates or CPD limit competition from outside candidates, and because the Democrats and Republicans own the CPD, we only ever see Dems/GOP debate.
Frank Fahrenkopf Jr. helped to found the CPD and push out the League of Women Voters… He’s still there today, but it might surprise you to learn he served as president of the American Gaming Association, worked for a firm supporting the TPP and TTIP, and even sits on the board of directors for 7 NYSE companies heavily invested in media - all during his tenure as CPD chair. Wow.

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