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Happy 500th Birthday, Reinheitsgebot. Now Piss Off!

We are traveling back in time to the middle ages!! For hundreds of years Beer and Germany have been almost totally synonymous. So how is it possible that Germany has been so reluctant to ride the craft beer wave? Graham visits with German-inspired Verboten Brewing in Loveland, Colorado, and I visit with Kraftbierwerkstatt in Böblingen, Germany to find out what Reinheitsgebot is, how it impacts the way they make that sweet sweet nectar, and the challenges a craft brewer faces in the 21st century.

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Wealth and power inequality have put everything at risk. A small minority are stealing our future while calling themselves the heroes. This podcast up-ends all that. Because of that we are villains, but we are also the majority. Status quos are for suckers.

Majority Villain is hosted and produced by Greg Haddock, co-hosted by Graham Rue with help from Andrea Schmidt. For a full list of contributors and musicians visit the website at

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Music provided by Evil Bear Boris, Pictures of the Floating World, through under Creative Commons Licensing. Additional music via YouTube, various Oktoberfest Schlager: Ziggy Zagga Oi Oi Oi, Ein Prosit, and Wir Ham Noch Durst and Beer Commercial Music by Jonathan Reeves.

Special thanks to Josh and Angie at Verboten Brewing; Homebrewer Eric Ellzey; Vathana Thorn, Rasmus Muttscheller, and Ollie Klobenzer at Kraftbierwerkstatt; Daniela Vogl for her fantastic Reinheitsgebot Bayerisch, and Jonathan Reeves for his beer mood music.
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