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If you heard a sound bite of a raucous crowd, would you know if it was a Republican or professional wrestling event?  Because sometimes they sound eerily similar…

A year ago today, most people thought we would already be discussing a Hillary Clinton presidency, and the Trump train would have turned and the joke would be tired.  While the joke is tired, the Trump train is in full force.  However, Clinton’s journey to the White House has been far from any coronation that many had predicted, and surging surprise candidate, Bernie Sanders, has been able to maintain a virtual tie ahead of the infamous March 1st “Super Tuesday”.  But it’s also not helpful if you don’t know what a caucus or a primary is, or how these “super delegates” are giving a bleeding Clinton campaign so much needed assistance.

Lastly, it seems totally implausible, but the factors motivating people who #feelthebern for self-described Socialist-Democrat Bernie Sanders are often the same factors motivating Trumpeters.  See how these outsider candidates are tapping into the very same frustrations in very different ways.

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